Portable Pill Dispenser M105

Weekly PortableBluetooth Pill Dispenser for Vitamins and Supplements


ThePortable Automatic Pill Dispenser Fits in Your Hand, To Go With Patients &Caregivers Use At Work, School, Travel, Program Dosages Up to a Maximum of 7Consecutive Days with Beep and Screen Light Up to 6X Daily. Allows RIGHTPatients to take RIGHT Dose & RIGHT Medications at RIGHT Time.Significantly Improving Medication Adherence Management. Rechargeable.

Recommended For:

  • Traveling Patients
  • People Take Vitamin, Supplement
  • Simple Folks With Busy Lifestyles

Color: White

Reminding:  Beep+ Light  Screen  


  1. Up to 6 alarms per day setting by Device
  2. 7 compartments, super capacity load 18-aspirin size pills
  3. Food grade material with FDA approval, hygienic and safe
  4. Portable easy carry size
  5. Dust &moisture proof design
  6. Power Supply: Li-Battery rechargeable
  7. Low battery alerts

How To Use: 

  • Connecting with Smartphone
  • Use the APP to custom set your system
  • Loading pills via Drug window
  • Alarm will be stop when press the button switch at the back of device

What’s In Your Box:

  • 1 pill dispenser
  • 1 Instructor’s Manual
  • 1 Velvet Bag
  • USB Cab
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